Top 3 Wedding Website Builders of 2017

When it comes to wedding planning, wedding websites take the cake when it comes to providing loads of information for your guests.

We now have so many options to choose from that include a wide range of customizable templates and features. They also offer price ranges from free ($0 yay!) to $89 which allows custom designs and an app. This allows for brides on every budget to utilize these amazing tools and assist in stress free planning! Who doesn't love that?! Speaking of stress-free planning, check out our free bridal tool kit, designed to help all brides start planning their big day!

Appy Couple ($39/$89)

Appy Couple is a stylish, trendy, and responsive wedding site that includes an app that can be downloaded by your wedding guests and bridal party. There is a one time payment (price depending on collection) and then nothing after that. You can leave it up for as long as you would like. They offer two different collections and price points: The Boutique Collection($39) and The Luxury Collection($89). The Boutique Collection offers over 500 design templates that can be changed at anytime....what!! The Luxury Collection offers luxe, special edition designs that also allow you to switch them whenever you would like. With the dashboard you are able to control multiple event guest lists, receive real time push notifications on your mobile device, use their on-line RSVP software, and share photos. The full list of available features can be found here

Wedding Woo ($49/$69)

Wedding Woo has two pricing options for you to choose from depending on your needs. It is $49 for 1 year and $69 for 2 years. With a FREE 7 day trail (no credit card required) it is a great way to see if it is the right fit for your custom site. They offer amazing customer service, mobile responsive wedding website, and highly customizable templates. Wedding Woo will also allow guests to RSVP through the website, as well as, submit songs that they would like to hear during the reception. You can see a full list of their features here.

Joy ($0)

Joy currently offers its wedding building website for free, no hidden costs or fees. They offer an app, as well as, a desktop version, that allows for quick and easy updates from anywhere. The list of features is similar to the others, and can be found here. With the ability to add multiple admins, RSVP from app or desktop, app available for both Android and IOS platforms, and a gorgeous website, it makes this a fabulous option for many couples. One of my favorite features is the Wedding Party showcase, that allows you to add pictures and bios of the very special peeps in your bridal party. They should enjoy a little love too!!

Here are some honorable mentions that didn't quite make the cut:

These range from free to $$$ depending  on the timeframe, design, and options chosen!

Please keep in mind that there are many other wedding website builder options available, the ones featured in the post are just awesome :)  If you feel like I am missing a good one, please drop a comment below.

Tara Figueroa