5 Things Every Bride Should Know BEFORE Planning Their Wedding


So you're getting hitched?! Congrats! 

I distinctly remember EVERYONE having an opinion on where we should have the wedding and whom we should invite, amongst other things. I truly believe that they all meant well, but listen to me when I say that the tips below have helped many of my brides & will hopefully help you too.

Wedding planning should be fun!!

Yes, that's right, FUN! After all you are really just planning a big party to celebrate you and your significant other tying the knot. While it is easy to stress about the details, you need to cut yourself some slack girl! What's the worst thing that could happen if you don't make all 10 of the quirky chalkboard signs that you found on Pinterest? Or spend $10,000 on elaborate floral arrangements? Or not handcraft 150 favors, that most guests will forget/toss anyways? Nothing, absolutely nothing will happen. So try to enjoy planning this special day, because once you begin that walk down the aisle none of it will matter anymore, anyways!

It should be a reflection of the couple!

This seems like a no brainer, right? Lately, we see a lot more couples steering from the traditional and making choices for their wedding that show those attending who they are. So maybe that means black tie, in a vintage barn, eating tacos & sipping on sangria or getting married on the beach, barefoot with your toes in the sand (even though grandma wants a church). This is your time and your day, so don't be afraid to do you!

Don't spend more than you can afford to!

The last way you want to begin a happy marriage, is neck deep in debt. These days, there are so many options and resources that anyone can plan a wedding reception within their budget. This kinda goes with the first tip...take out the things that won't matter at the end of the day and spend the $$ on those items that you will keep with you always. Photographers, fun times, and food!

Hire a wedding planner!

Believe it or not, wedding planners can save you money!!! As if that weren't incentive enough, they are full of advice, ideas, and can take much of the pressure of the wedding off of you! What sweeter wedding gift than that. Most wedding planners offer a wide range of services including everything from Full Planning to Month-Of-Coordination. (Steer clear of any planners that offer day-of-coordination, but that's for another post). Most are more than happy to work with you and your budget, and the earlier in the planning you get them, the better off you will be. TRUST ME ;) 

Pro Tip: Ask them about any decor that they may be able to include for free. Many have votives, candles, and other items that they will throw in, if asked.

You can't make everyone happy!

What the what! Yep, that's right, you can't make everyone happy...but you can make yourselves happy! After all it is YOUR day. So leave the expectations of others at the planning door and just do you! If you stick to who you both are as a couple, it will be perfect, unique, & meaningful. Most of all it will be a direct reflection of your love and what brought you both together in the first place! How sweet is that?!

Happy Planning! Leave a comment and share if you found this article helpful!

Love & Parties,

Tara xoxo

Tara Figueroa