Hey, girl, hey!!

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My name is Tara & I love making parties pretty!

WELL.... more than just pretty, I should also include fun, memory making, life changing, and at times magical!

So, you are probably wondering who is this chick?!

I am the owner and creative mind behind White Elm Creative. White Elm Creative is an Event Planning and Design Company based out of Florida. I am a Florida girl (born & raised) with a love for the ocean, my two little humans, coffee &wine (i don't think that there is a world where they don't coexist), and my hubby. 

I have always loved hosting events but, it wasn't until I planned my own wedding that I thought...hey this could be a career!

I wasn't a bride on a super tight budget, more like a DIYer by nature. I made my centerpieces and the day of the wedding was at the venue decorating and applying the final touches. You could say I had a difficult time delegating! 

For this same reason, I make an awesome event planner! I take the same care and pride in my clients special events, as I would my very own. Don't miss out on special moments because you can do it on your own. Believe me, I know that you can! 

Let us do that for you!

The value of any event professional goes far beyond, just helping out! They pay for themselves by offering you special discounts, valuable information, and a wealth of experience. We work closely with venues, DJ's, caterers, make-up artists, and more. Let us take the guess work out of finding the right team for your big event!

With Love,



Tara Figueroa